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 Instance Information - Read

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PostSubject: Instance Information - Read   Sun Apr 20, 2008 3:54 am

Would like to inform all players about the instance information.

Black Temple - Scripted - Illidan Fixed - To activate this event you will need to talk to Akama, which will be located next to The Illidari Council, once you speak to him he will ask if you are ready to attack The Betrayer or something along the lines of that, after you accept it, he willl run up to Illidan, there will be a large door between You and Illidan, so Akama will start casting a spell to open it, then his friends willl come to aid him, the door will be open and you will see Akama walk through the door, you have to actualy click on the door to open it. Once Akama runs up stairs near Illidan, it will seem like you cant attack Illidan, cuz he'll be kneeling with the un attackable, but you need to wait about 30seconds, and Akama will be talkable, he will then say Are you ready to face The Betrayer, accept this only if you and your raid is prepared, after acceptance, Akama will run in to fight Illidan, they will have a talk about something, and then Illidan will become attackable. At 40% Maiev Shadowsong and some friends will come to help you, so try to hold on uptill then. Also, i would recommned killing everything before you do Illidan, cuz Number 1: the door closes and wont re-open after you have gone through, and Number 2: if you dont kill the others, at about 20% a bunch of mobs and The Council will pop up through the floor, this happened to me during testing stage, because i skipped The Council at that stage, so just a little tip, make sure Illidan is the last boss you wish to kill, also if you kill him in Demon Form, the special death event will not occur, just a word of waring.

Zul Aman - Mostly Tank and Spank, and a few semi-scripted bosses.

Karazhan - Scripted, Some Tank and Spank. (Chess Event Does not work, so for your convience i have put a vendor up there selling the chess items)

The Deadmines - Scripted

Wailing Caverns - Scripted

Gruul's Lair - Scripted - Works Well

Magtheridons Lair - Semi Scripted - Takes a little while to get him to be "let free" of his chains, You will need to click on those boxes, and after you have clicked on that, wait a few minutes, i had to, then he finnaly aggroed.

Naxxarams - Few Scripted - Mostly Tank & Spank - Working, though i do need to remove some of the doors, will do that when it becomes a major problem though.

Caverns of Time: Mount Hyjal - Mostly Scripted - Pretty Fun - No Errors - Tip: If you wish to do the bosses Start - Finish I suggest taking the Alliance portal, if Middle - Finish, Horde Portal, If just Archimonde and maybe few bosses before, Night Elf Portal.

Tempest Keep: The Eye - All Bosses Scripted - Alar a bit hard to begin her fight, for she is flying around at the start, will probably require a hunter, but other than that, its quite hard to bring down to the ground, she also flies to different platforms during this fight, so good luck. Ontop of that Kael'Thas fight is bugged, the first "mini boss" will attack the first too agro, but then the rest will just sit there and be un attackable - i wil try fix that. Very Happy

Serpentshrine Cavern - Scripted - Fun - Some Errors - Just Some Tips, Hydross will do water tomb alot (which basically stuns the target, doing 1000+ frost damage each few seconds, so i recommend buidling up frost resist), which means ull need 2 be healing ur tank alot, also to agro lLurker you need to swim down into the water a bit i found, and to agro Leo the Blind you must KILL the people who are banishing him, also Vashj was not there, so i will spawn her, if this does not work, i will look further into this error. - Vashj now spawned, if further complications with this fight happen, contact our Server Staff - Bosses only drop 1 item, besides Vashj, whom drops 4..

Onyxia's Lair - Scripted - Some Tank and Spank - Does Fly Up Move, and shoots down fireballs - Easy Fight for our players - but still fun

Molten Core - Semi Scripted - Ragnaros Bit hard To Aggro, i had to get actually IN the lava to hit him, so good luck on that, but it didnt seem to hurt at all, so maybe its just blood stained water =P, also, when Ragnaros does his knockback, you will actually fly as far as hitting the walls about 30metres away, so yeah, tuff fight for non Admin people - The bosses have a high dodge rate also, but other than that, its all good - Enjoy - Fun

Zul'Gurub - Mostly Scripted - Some Semi Scripted/Tank and Spank - Fun - Peaceful Outdoor Instance -

If an instance is not posted here it has not been tested, i will always say what instance i am updating next flower
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PostSubject: Instance Info   Wed Jun 11, 2008 7:06 pm

Thanks Walice, On How To Show People On How To Kill The Scripted Bosses!

-Server Owner (Caleb)
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Instance Information - Read
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