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 Rehna GM application

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PostSubject: Rehna GM application   Fri Jun 20, 2008 11:20 pm

Where do you live? Norway

How old are you? 17

Why do you want to become a GM (game master): I like to be a GM and I'm good at it

How will you help out the server?: Make events , got many new idea for the server and such
--> A few things I would like to do better <--
- I would make a better leveling zone then you already got ,
- I would add some new gear ,
- make a new mall
- New events
- Make the server grow bigger then ever ( I've done all this on many server before -> Now I wanna help YOU <-
- I will make people enjoy they're staying on the server
- Make allot more custom ,
- I was in the "Norwegian Elite" a long time ago , Right now it is the most popular DATABASE used !
- I got mostly "Admin" experience on private server , but I would love to become a "GM" on this server Wink

Do you have experience as a GM? If yes then on what servers and how long?: 2 years of GM/admin experience ! Smile

Are you good with SQL?: Yes. But my router is bugged atm

If yes, How good?: 7/10

- Please reply me on my mail "" !
Thanks alot GladiatorWoW for this chance Wink
Hope you will pick me out and have a good day / Evening Wink

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Rehna GM application
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