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 Server and Forum rules!

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PostSubject: Server and Forum rules!   Thu Mar 13, 2008 5:28 pm

Server Rules
* Respect all Gladiator Staff.
* No bug exploiting.
* Do not impersonate staff.
* Do not use modifications or third party scripts/programs.
* No hateful, racial or similar comments.
* Do not ask to become a GM.


Color text is not allowed!.

Do not advertise other servers or hacking programs. You will be banned.

Flaming, sexist, racist or vulgar language is prohibited.
PENALTY: MIN - Chat ban for 24h, MAX - Account ban for 7 days


Fake GM names are prohibited.
PEANLTY: Perma ban

Flaming, sexist, racist or vulgar names are prohibited.
PENALTY: 24 hours Ban and random name change


Any use of cheats/hacks/exploit/bugs is prohibited.
PENALTY: Kick and added to watch list, if you are seen hacking again and are on the watchlist it is a perma-ban from the Gladiator server.


Any breaking of rules by others is needed to report with proof.
PENALTY: Sharing penalty with guilty char.

Any bugs founded in game are needed to report.
PENALTY: Nothing - however report can give reward.


Do not beg. Every single player started out at level one with no items or gold. If you need items or gold, kill monsters for them. If you still need a little extra help, you may ask politely. If no one answers or wants to help, do not keep begging.


GMs will not give out gold or items, or otherwise assist players in any unfair manner. Events will be open to all players so that everyone has an equal chance at the prizes offered. If you find a GM assisting a player in an unfair manner, please report it to Caleb or Swivle. We will look at our logs to see what happened and deal with the GM accordingly.

GMs will never ask you for your login information or personal information. If someone asks you for any of this information. please report it.

Do not ask to become a GM. Asking is a sure way to almost never become one. If we are in need of GMs we will post an application form on the forum, or simply come to likely candidates to ask them if they would like to become a GM.

Respect the decisions of all GMs. Throwing a tantrum or arguing will just get you banned.

*Forum rules*
- Absolutely NO RACISM, any hint of racism will result in a permanent ban!

- No offensive language used towards other users or staff.

- No pornography. (teehee)

- No spamming.

- No flaming.

- No impersonating to be Gladiator WoW staff.

- Follow staff intructions.

- Do not be rude to the staff, they are here to help you, and they don't get any credit, so show them some respect.

- Do not ever advertise other servers
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Server and Forum rules!
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