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 Donation Information

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PostSubject: Donation Information   Fri Aug 01, 2008 5:35 pm

hey guys i'm a new and permanent gm, Call me Holy in and out of game please Very Happy i am running item creation, server hosting (permanent or temp don't know yet) and i'm running donations

my paypal is if u want to donate please pm me on the forums or in game with what u want when the list is up, until we fix a donation box up on the main page you will have to do it manually through paypal

Donation Items as of: 8/1/08

T7 Full Set $15

any amount of money more or less then stated above for the items u request will be discussed with caleb and we will decide what you get

BONUS for donating for t7 now-
as of now t7 is not fully created so not only will that push your class to the top of the list you will also have a hand in picking out the model AND get a quote put in on every piece of the set thanking you for donating and helping the server when the items are dropped by a custom mob.....but wait, your thinking "won't i just be wasting my money when they are going to drop off mobs soon anyway?" no your not Very Happy for all donors for t7 not only will you keep your t7 you will also get a free donor weapon Very Happy any weapon of your choice and i will allow 1-2 effects *not overpowered ones* and i will personally make the weapon and backup the file incase the server gets corrupted or database is lost in a transfer if we go to a new host

thank you for reading this and to anyone who donates THANK YOU! Very Happy and have fun with your custom items
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Donation Information
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